Frequently Asked Questions

What is Save Morro Bay?

Founded in 2018, Save Morro Bay is a movement organized by residents to support government transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Who founded Save Morro Bay?

Save Morro Bay was founded by residents Aaron and Pam Ochs. As former Los Osos residents, Both were members of the Los Osos Taxpayers Association (LOTA), a nonprofit organization that educated and informed residents of Proposition 218 and how to protest rate increases.

What organizations does Save Morro Bay support?

Save Morro Bay supports the efforts of local organizations with similar positions to ours, including Citizens for Affordable Living, Morro Bay Stakeholders and the Morro Bay Action Team.

What makes you different from those organizations?

Though we are a part of a local coalition of local organizations and environmental groups, Save Morro Bay focuses on giving residents the tools and resources to take a stand and enact positive change.

How can I join Save Morro Bay?

Contact us at [email protected] and let’s meet! We’re always looking for volunteers.

How can I donate to Save Morro Bay?

You can donate by clicking here or visiting

Who donates to Morro Bay?

We only accept donations from Morro Bay residents, not outside or special interests. Save Morro Bay’s funding is 100% grassroots.

Does Save Morro Bay meet?

Yes. We hold informational meet and greets and town hall meetings. We are partnering with local businesses who generously donate their space for our events. Check out our upcoming events by following our Facebook page, visiting our Events page or

Why did you form?

We oppose the Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) as currently proposed. Once the project was estimated at an astronomical $167 million and residents began expressing concern about rate increases, we decided to move forward.

What are your goals for the Water Reclamation Facility?

To design, construct and/or upgrade a WRF based on the $75 million ratepayers previously approved in 2015; to be in compliance with participating regulatory agencies. We want to get back on track.

What do you propose for achieving that?

Protest the upcoming Proposition 218 water and sewer rate increases. A successful protest would send a strong message to the City: give us what we already approved you to do without any further delays. We will support additional measures if necessary to stop the excessive and wasteful spending.

Would you work with the City to achieve your goals?

Yes. Though our opposition to the City remains the bedrock of Save Morro Bay, we will work and negotiate with council and staff should they express interest.

Would you support revisiting the Righetti site for the WRF?

Absolutely not. There was significant public opposition to the Righetti site due to the facility’s close proximity to residents. There are legal, environmental and traffic concerns, which effectively disqualifies the site from further consideration.

What is your position on our local leadership?

With their exorbitant spending, revolving door of consultants and clear disregard for citizen oversight, the City has led residents down the primrose path to fiscal uncertainty. Though they recently considered outsourcing our emergency services for drastic cost-cutting measures, the City ironically spends more than they earn in revenue. Now they want us to pay more for a WRF we already approved rate increases for. It’s time for change.

Will you support and endorse candidates interested in running for City Council?

If they support our positions and goals, yes.