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Speak Up, Step Up

See that young man speaking at the podium? That’s me. It can be you too.

In order to bring positive change, there needs to be public and civil participation. In fact, there needs to be more of it.

Dialogue between council, city staff and residents is healthy even when it’s heated — even when the message isn’t clear, requires clarification or correction on the record. Establishing dialogue means there’s a path forward to progress.

But in order to establish dialogue, more people need to speak up.

Generally, Morro Bay City Council meetings take place every second and fourth Tuesday starting at 6 p.m. Residents need to fill out a speaker slip, state what agenda item they want to speak in, decide on the amount of time they want to speak for, and deliver the slip to the City Clerk. All it takes is a couple of minutes. Once it’s your turn to speak, speak up and speak out.

You can also email the City Council at [email protected].

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