Difficult, But Not Impossible

We want to work with the California Coastal Commission.

We recognize issues previously identified by their staff as coastal and climate change hazards at identified sites west of Hwy. 1. You can read the September 22, 2017 letter sent to the City of Morro Bay by Central Coast District Director Dan Carl of the Coastal Commission here, which succinctly outlines their concerns:

City Council Letter_WRF Site Comparison Report Hearing_9-22-2017

But with collaboration between knowledge wastewater engineers and participants of last July’s independent peer review panel, we believe we can turn “difficult” into “manageable.” We believe a Local Coastal Plan amendment is possible. We believe the uncertainties addressed by Mr. Carl can be studied and evaluated.

Throughout California, there are several wastewater treatment facilities located on the shoreline and permitted by the Coastal Commission. Many of these sites are permitted because of hazard abatement measures, such as upgrading/raising the infrastructure and shoreline armoring. While moving inland would certainly avoid the coastal hazards and Local Coastal Plan inconsistencies, the currently proposed South Bay Boulevard location contains uncertainties of its own, such as “Can we actually afford it?”

The higher costs for the facility can be attributed to two significant factors.

The proposed plant would be the farthest from the most ideal reclamation opportunities. The further it is for the water to be delivered to the plant for reclamation and delivered to residents for potable reuse, the higher the cost.

The proposed plant is also far from the current wastewater treatment facility (2.4 miles) and ocean outfall. Again, the further the project is from our residents and current infrastructure, the higher the cost.

There will always be obstacles to overcome. Sometimes the easiest way out is not the best option.

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