The City Doesn’t Want You Asking Questions. Why?

They’re desperate. According to two city officials who spoke to Save Morro Bay on the condition of anonymity, Mayor Jamie Irons and two unspecified councilmembers are reportedly encouraging city employees to publish letters to the editor that support the proposed Water Reclamation Facility, the proposed water/sewer rate hikes while discouraging residents from asking for more …

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Beware the Politics of Fear

Did you find a flyer from Morro Bay Water Future on your doorstep? After reading their talking points, did you feel fearful? If so, you’re feeling exactly the way they want you to feel. In politics, fear is the absence of fact.

As Featured in The Tribune

Here’s our viewpoint, which was published in the May 15, 2018 edition of The Tribune. Some of the viewpoint was later addressed at the City of Morro Bay’s Q&A session on May 16. Our response to the City will be posted shortly.

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Reject the Scare Tactics, Vote No on 218

At their April 25 Special Meeting, City staff and representatives from participating regulatory agencies made one thing clear: support our oft-delayed, expensive Water Reclamation Facility or face the consequences. This is not how critical infrastructure should be promoted. Here are our thoughts why residents should remain vigilant and continue opposing the project.

Lessons Learned From Los Osos

The Bay News‘ Neil Farrell wrote about Save Morro Bay in their April 12 – 25, 2018 issue (pg. 5). In the article, I was accurately referred to as a veteran of the Los Osos sewer wars. Inspired by that comment, here are lessons I’ve learned from Los Osos as a former resident.