Month: March 2018

Public Waste

Why Protesting the Prop. 218 Matters

Morro Bay residents have a lot of questions about the Proposition 218 process, what it entails and the consequences for approving or rejecting it. Save Morro Bay encourages residents to protest the upcoming Prop. 218 rate increases for the Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility. Here are the key reasons why:

Wishful Thinking

Supporters of the Morro Bay City Council recently referred to a webpage provided by Councilwoman Marlys McPherson. The page bills itself as “Facts About the [Water Reclamation Facility],” yet the actual facts and important context is conspicuously absent.

Money Down Toilet

A Revolving Door of Consultants

Without a project management team, the City of Morro Bay has hired a litany of consultants to study and assess the Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility. After millions of ratepayer dollars spent and five years of project delays, have residents truly benefited from the revolving door of consultants?